Chinese Service

The Chinese believers meet at the Wagga Baptist Church building on Saturday evenings.  The service commences at 7pm and involves song, prayer and a message from the Word.  Chinese believers also gather in houses at different times to worship, pray and listen to the Word.  Everyone is welcome to join the Chinese believers.  For more information contact Rev. Kephas or Mrs. Sandra Wong on the following email: 

The history of the Chinese Ministry in Wagga Wagga – as told by Pastor Kephas Wong.

I and my family are from Hong Kong. We came to Australia 25 years ago to assist in starting the 1st Chinese C & M A Church (Chinese and Missionary Alliance Church) in Australia. We had served 6 years in Perth, 4 years in Melbourne, 6 years in Sydney and 3 years in Canberra before joining Chinese Christian Mission Australia 5 years ago. We didn't know why God moves us around in different states but we find all this moving around does contribute to our present ministry. Isn't HE wonderful! Our main target group is Chinese in remote areas in Australia and also in the South Pacific Islands. We would like to share the gospel with them and to make them disciples of Jesus. You could visit our website to know more about our ministry.

We started the Wagga Wagga ministry with a visit to the Chinese workers on the 20th July 2008. After the Sunday service at Wagga Baptist Church, Sandra and I together with John Yao who is now a Pastor and his wife Wendy. When we talked to the workers at a unit in Edney Street, we were told that they had someone sharing the Bible with them. When going further into the conversation, we found that it was Jehovah Witnesses who regularly visited them and were going to see them again at 2pm that day. We quickly took out the Bibles and Hymn books we brought with us to start a mini service. We had not enough chairs for about 30 people so we were all standing in a small sitting area for the 1+ hour service - a very special experience for us! Nine people put up their hands to accept Christ. Praise the Lord!

About 40 days later, we heard that Rong, who was one of the nine who accepted Christ, had an accident at work. He was hit by an iron bar on the neck and was then taken to Sydney for treatment.  Unfortunately he died six days later, leaving his young wife who came with him and their 4 year old boy who was with Rong’s parents in China. During those six days, many of his colleagues travelled to Sydney to visit him. John and his church members offered a lot of help and care to them. Rong’s family wanted a Christian funeral service so thirteen of us from Sydney helped to conduct it in Wagga. After the funeral service, we were invited to dinner by Rong's colleagues. We were able to share the gospel at the table. Many were willing to accept Christ, including Rong's parents, his brother and sister-in-law. When we had first heard the bad news of Rong’s death, we cried to God " How could we face the new believers? Is this Satan's attack?"  But now we saw that God is wonderful - HE is in control!

We approached Pastor Andrew of Wagga Wagga Baptist Church to see if they could help. We needed a place for the Chinese to worship and to learn about Jesus. Pastor Andrew and the leaders of the church were so kind and generous in letting us start the first service the next day after the funeral service. Since then short term mission teams from Sydney and Canberra have been visiting Wagga every 2nd and 4th Saturday and Sunday of the month. We have worship service at 7pm on Saturday. We also hold devotion session with them on Sunday morning. Even more wonderful, God has prepared two Chinese couples from Albury to help to nurture the new Christians on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Ann and Chew, a couple from Wagga Baptist Church kindly opened their house for the Bible study group for a year. After that they held it in one of the worker's home. Over the past 4 years, 26 were baptised and they are members of WWBC. A few dedicated couples have moved to Brisbane and continue their worship in various churches. One brother even thinks about going to the seminary. Praise the Lord!

As their English is not very good, brothers and sisters find it hard to join the worship service at WWBC. At the moment, they run prayer meetings every Sunday afternoon. Pastor David has kindly helped them (with Stanley as interpreter) and they find it very enjoyable.

How privileged that we could serve together in God's kingdom!

May God's richest blessings be with you!