Farm events


Twice a year we are involved with an event on a farm about 30 km east of Wagga.  People of all ages come together at the “Coolbaroo” Farm Events, to listen to message from the Word of God that we pray would be spirit-filled and powerful in people’s lives.   We also praise and worship the Lord in song with a full band. The main stage area is set up in the big farm shed with a backdrop of hay bales and a cross. Food and drinks are available before the start of the main part of the evening and at our previous events we have had some terrific guest performers.  In the winter months, we have a bonfire going for most of the night. Entry to the events is always free.

We desire that those who hardly know anything about God and who would not especially want to come to church would be happy to come to an event in a relaxed farm setting where they can hear an authentic message about Jesus.

On the night, we offer books and other written material and give an opportunity for people to talk things over or to pray for anyone who wants prayer.


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