Home groups

If you come to one of our Sunday services that is great, but you have only got half the experience.  The other half of the experience of church is being in a Home Group.  Being part of a Home group can be a really terrific opportunity for personal growth in lots of ways because authentic growth in God nearly always happens together with others who trust him too.

Home Groups are dotted all over the city.  As the name suggests they mostly meet in homes which is where real community happens.  Home Groups are where we share our joys and sorrows and share our lives with one another.  It is the ideal place to work out what the Word of God is saying in the context of real life.  Prayer together with the help of the Holy Spirit is one of the privileges of meeting in a Home Group.  We would love everyone to join a home group.  If you would like to find one that suits you then please phone the office on 69317322 or send us an email on office@wwbc.org.au