Intellect is a forum to explore with our mind truths that relate to the Christian faith.  We invite speakers several times a year to speak and engage in discussion on issues of history, science, philosophy, culture and more. 


Does God Control Everything? Or Do We Have Free Will?

Dr Ian Maddock spoke to an audience at the Christian College on 11/4/2015 about understanding the soveriegnity of God and the place of human free will.  He gave an overview of his understanding of "Compatibilism", sometimes thought of as moderate Calvinism.  He cited instances where the Bible seems to hold apparently opposing truths in tension, and suggests this is the same for us as well.  A helpful reference he suggested is:

J.I Packer, Evangelsim and the Sovereignity of God, (Downers Grove: IVP, 1961)

Ian is a lecturer in theology at the Sydney Mission and Bible College.  While studying theology he also pastored a church for a couple of years in Connecticut, USA. 


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