Join a ministry

We have many different ministries in the church and we love to place people within ministries so that they can joyfully use their gifts for God’s glory and their joy.  Although we can’t place every person in the ministry of their first choice , if you would like to be considered to be part of one of the following ministries why don’t you send us an email to identifying an area of your interest. Some ideas to consider may include;

  • Administration in the church office
  • Assisting the less fortunate in the Compassion Ministry
  • Cooking and delivering Mercy Meals to our church family when they are sick or in need
  • Helping out on the multi-media team
  • Serving tea and coffee on a rostered basis after church services
  • Assisting our Chinese congregation with their English speaking skills
  • Cleaning
  • Arranging flowers
  • Join the Pastoral Care Team
  • Outreaching at the Sunday Markets
  • Welcoming people to the church on a Sunday
  • Helping with music